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  • RP Graphite Electrode for Steelmaking EAF. Dia.400-700mm(Inch 16″- 28″)

    RP Graphite Electrodes

    Product Name: RP Grade Graphite
    Model Number: RB- RP-3
    Grade: RP (Regular Power) A/B
    Size: Ø400 – 500mm
    Length: 1800~2700mm
    Resistance (μΩ.m): 6 – 9
    Current Carrying Capacity: 20-48KA
  • HP Graphite Electrode Type II for Steelmaking EAF. Dia.350-400mm(Inch 14″- 18″)

    HP Graphite Electrodes

    Product Name: HP Grade Graphite Electrode
    Model Number: RB-HP-II1
    Grade: HP (High Power)
    Size: Ø350 – 400mm
    Length: 1800~2400mm
    Resistance (μΩ.m): 4.5 – 6.5
    Current Carrying Capacity: 20-35KA
  • SHP Graphite Electrodes with Quality Guarantee Dia.100-600mm(Inch 4″- 24″)

    SHP Graphite Electrodes

    Product Name: SHP Grade Graphite Electrode
    Model Number: RB-SHP-1
    Grade: SHP (Super High Power)
    Size: Ø100 – 600mm
    Length: 1200~2700mm
    Resistance (μΩ.m): 4.5 – 7.5
    Current Carrying Capacity: 5 -55KA
  • UHP Graphite Electrode for Arc Furnace. Dia.450-500mm(Inch 18″- 20″)

    UHP Graphite Electrodes

    Product Name: UHP Grade Graphite Electrode
    Model Number: RB-UHP-2
    Grade: UHP (Ultra High Power)
    Size: Ø450 – 500mm
    Length: 1800~2400mm
    Resistance (μΩ.m): 4.0 – 6.3
    Current Carrying Capacity: 32-55KA
  • Impregnated Graphite Electrode Dia.400-500mm(Inch 16″- 20″)

    Impregnated Graphite Electrodes

    Product Name: Impregnated Graphite Electrode
    Model Number: RB-IGP-4
    Grade: Impregnated Grade A/B
    Size: Ø400 –500mm
    Length: 1800~2400mm
    Resistance (μΩ.m): 5.5 – 7
    Current Carrying Capacity: 20–42kA
  • Graphite Blocks 1940 Grade Characteristics

    Graphite Carbon Blocks

    Product Name: Graphite and Carbon Blocks
    Model Number: RB-GC-1940#
    Type: Bricks Blocks
    Application: Foundry, Casting, Sintering, Electrolysis
    Sizes: Customized
    Compressive Strength(MPa): .85~115
    Apparent Density (g/cm³ ): 1.75 – 1.90 g/cm3
  • Purity Graphite Powder with Perfect High Thermal Conductivity

    Graphite Flake Powder

    Product Name: Graphite Flake Powder
    Model Number: RB-GP-1
    Type: Artificial graphite powder
    Fixed Carbon 98.5%Min
    Volatile Matter 0.5%Max.
    Ash 0.5%Max.
  • Cleanness Graphite Electrode Scrap Electrode Paste at Competitive Price

    Graphite Electrode Scrap

    Product Name: Graphite Electrode Scrap
    Model Number: RB-GE-S
    Type: Scrap Paste Lumps
    Fixed Carbon 99%Min
    Ash 0.5%Max
    Resistance (μΩ.m): 9-15
    Real Density(g/cm³ ): 1.75-2.18g/cm3 Min.
  • Graphitized Petroleum Coke

    Carbon Petroleum Coke

    Product Name: Graphitized Petroleum Coke
    Model Number:RB-GPC-1
    Superiority: Cleanness without impurities
    Fixed Carbon: 98.5%Min
    Ash 0.3%Max.
    Resistance (μΩ.m): 9-12
    Real Density(g/cm³ ): 2.08g/cm3
  • Customized Graphite Carbon Products with High Temperature Resistance

    Customized Graphite Carbon Parts

    Product Name: Customized Carbon Graphite Parts
    Model Number: RB-GCP-C
    Shape: Circle, Plate, or as per Customized Drawings
    Fixed Carbon: 98.50%Min
    Ash 300ppm.
    Flexural Strength (Mpa): 45-85 Mpa
    Apparent Density (g/cm³ ): 1.75 – 1.90 g/cm3

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